About Me

Why Me

Hello, I'm glad you made it to this page. Let me introduce myself. This is me, Lynn Sangster. And, what might you ask, qualifies me to write about your company. 

Here are some reasons that I can help your company.

Advertising Experience

My advertising experience is broad ranging over 25 years. I've been on both sides of the fence. Both as an Account Manager taking briefs from clients as well as writing copy. In my time at an ad agency I learnt the value of a good brief. The better the brief the more successful the advertising and results for your business.

Running Businesses

Between 2015 and 2021 I owned my own businesses. I’ve used the skills I developed in the advertising industry to promote the businesses. This included writing copy for 3 websites, maintaining and optimising the websites, email marketing, brochure copy, flyers, sales scripts and blogs. The business grew four-fold before I decided to sell it and return solely to sales and marketing. 

The Typewriter Thing

I bought this 1937 Imperial typewriter Model 50. It is my inspiration from the days when I learnt to type at school. I had this very same model at home for practising. Sadly, it got thrown out at some stage. 

Then I sourced this one. It has an interesting back-story. The original owner had the typewriter as standard issue in the NZ Navy. When it was upgraded he was allowed to take it home for personal use. It fascinates me to think about what would have been typed on it over the years. 

Despite not being able to find a new ribbon for it, I sometimes still have a bash on the keys for old times sake.