Working Together to Produce Powerful Copy

You Know More Than I Do

You are the absolute expert in your business.  Between us we will uncover what your business can offer.

Be Suspicious of a Brief Brief

The briefing process is vital in getting quality copywriting. It can be quite in-depth. For good reason. The more I know about your business, the better I can write about it. 

You'll get to see the brief before I start any work. That way you can make changes before I start writing.

Once you approve the brief I'll start writing. Then you'll get to see the the first draft. 

The Costs

Yes, you knew it, the process does cost. Each project is different, that's why there is no rate card on this website. And, I really didn't want to say "how long is a piece of string". 

Just drop me an email to, call me on ++64 27 550 4241 or jump to the Contact Me page. You can give me an overview of the project and I'll send you a quote. Easy.